About Jim and Corine from funlearning4kidz.com

Jim Hathway

Jim was born and raised in the backwoods Maine. Being one of 5 boys, Jim has always been a teacher and mentor. He is the second oldest in the family and loved helping his siblings with school work growing up. It came as no surprise to anyone that when Jim went to college, he decided to pursue a career in education, with a focus on American History. It was this fateful decision to go to school for education at the University of Maine, that led Jim to meet his future wife, Corine. It was love at first sight for both Jim and Corine and it's a good thing too - they shared so many classes together! Once Jim and Corine graduated college and each got their own teaching job, Jim asked Corine to marry him. It's been an adventure ever since!

In his spare time, Jim enjoys many hobbies. Not only is he involved in his local historical society, but Jim also is member of a reenactment group. (His love for history is clear!) ...Jim also volunteers at the local community center to help tutor kids in history. He gets so much joy out of educating the youth, even during retirement! Jim is also an avid bike rider and hiker. Living in the gorgeous state of Maine, there are so many trails to explore! Jim is also enjoying his new love for birdwatching. Jim's grandson Graham has gotten both Jim and Corine involved in geochaching - something which they had never done before!

Corine Hathway

Corine is a New England native! Hailing from the small but gorgeous town of Dorset, Vermont, Corine is no stranger to life in the woods. Her love for children started when she would babysit the neighborhood kids as a teenager. It was then that Corine decided she would go to school for elementary education. As fate would have it, she decided to go to college in Maine - partly because of it's beauty and partly because she wanted to explore more of the East Coast. It was here that she met and fell in love with Jim. When Corine and Jim graduated college (same year!) they both decided to stay in Maine and get teaching jobs. Luckily, they both got teaching positions near each other, in neighboring schools. Corine focused on elementary Science and fell in love with teaching in the 3rd grade. She loves this age because the children are still full of wonder but old enough to learn and take care of themselves.

Corine loves living in Maine and has even convinced some of her family to relocate to "Vacationland." Since retiring, Corine volunteers her time at local schools, libraries and community centers to help with Science fairs and other STEM events. When she's not staying busy with this, she loves getting outdoors. A nature girl at heart, Corine loves the coastal hikes and views that Maine has to offer. You can often find Corine taking day trips to the beaches of Maine or hiking in the woods with Jim.

Corine also loves to spend time with her 2 children and 3 grandchildren, who are located in the New England area. Cooking, gardening and reading are Corine's down time projects that help her relax.